So much to show here! We’re on a new slope test map, with chain assets provided by Caspar

Emmy implemented the checkpoint & dialogue systems - I believe these were actually her first foray into Unity development so well done Emmy!
This is the first change we’ve gotten to show off the different characters from Cat’s narrative, now in the game! There’s a whole 26 act story to voice and implement, though for now I just did some quick recordings for all the characters heard here. It was super important to us to have these fully voiced as players simply won’t be able to concentrate on reading text boxes while high speed drifting down mountain tracks. I had a lot of fun trying to do different accents! Though Green is definitely my favourite here, and going forward we’ll be spliting up the acting a lot more. We’re using FMOD for all the audio and I’m really happy with the radio style effect I was able to create.

The ghosts are further implementation by me, linking the old ghost system to the checkpoint system so they spawn in each “act” of the race as you cross that checkpoint. These are recorded in game by simply driving around as normal (it just stores out a bunch of positions, angles, & velocities as a .json)