VR! PHOTIES (2018)

A multiplayer VR prototype with magic rune drawing.

Platform: VR

Engine: Unity

Role: Programmer / Designer

Development: Hobby

(2018) [Short]

A multiplayer sandbox allowing players to cast spells by drawing rune shapes with their hands.


Inspired by classics such as Arx Fatalis and Black & White, I wanted to create a magic system involving drawing.  The rune detection simplifies any drawn shape in to a list of 2D vectors - each rounded to one of 8 compass directions.  These are then checked against all defined rune shapes and accepted within certain thresholds.

The scene is an example from the Doodle Studio Unity plugin and, though the included editor was unfortunately not working, I decided to keep the art style and created the various hands and other props to match.

I used PlayoVR (Photon VR networking demo) as a base for the project so my focus could remain on the gameplay aspects.  The multiplayer element was really engaging; my favourite anecdote is when I first had my friend test (under the pretense that it was a singleplayer prototype) and hid in the grass watching them play - until finally jumping into view!

Personal Responsibilities:
  • Rune detection
  • Multiplayer communication
  • Hand sprites and interaction

Matthew Cormack - Developer
Autumn J. Brown - Tester
Dziek Dyes-Bolt - Namer