Some people were asking for a breakdown of my procedural animation method, so here’s a video with some extra debug visualisations turned on with an explanation below.

🟪 Purple cubes are the IDEAL foot positions relative to the body, these are basically static but get offset by the mechs current velocity in the x/z so the feet aren’t constantly lagging behind

🟥 Red cubes are the ACTUAL x/z positions which iterate inward from the purple cubes towards the mech central body if the outer positions were invalid (i.e. foot would be further from the mech than leg length allows)

🟢 Green spheres are the foot positions themselves, which are spherecast down from the red cubes to find a grounded position for the foot to rest on

Each foot tries 5 iterations from the outward 🟪 purple cube to try and find a valid foothold, if not then they don’t move from their current position (Still has some issues with feet dragging behind sometimes but yes)