GModStore Gamemode Competition 2020!

[I competed back in 2018 with Heavy Gullets!]

The themes were announced last night; Space, Start With Nothing, or Procedural Generation





I’m currently leaning towards the space theme, taking inspiration from games like Void Bastards and Heat Signature.

Dungeon-crawly ships to loot and plunder!


Day 1 Progress

To that end I wanted to get started with the actual ships as soon as possible, so today mostly focused on making this Ship Editor! A top down layout/floorplan editor with modular pieces from Spacebuild

Currently only supports 1x1 size tiles but works with save/load support & collision!


I also experimented a little with some 2D billboarding inspired by Void Bastards

I’m planning to post my progress at the end of each day, so we’ll see how long that sticks!